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tv   Newsline  NHK World  June 16, 2014 7:00am-7:11am JST

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>> next time our trio leave nakano for new areas. don't forget to visit the meet and speak website for additional content. hello, and thanks for joining us on nhk world. this is "newsline." pakistan's military says 80 islamic militants were killed in air raids on sunday morning in the country's northwest. the armed forces say jets pounded insurgent hideouts in the area bordering afghanistan. the pakistani taliban had claimed responsibility for last sunday's deadly attack on an international airport in karachi. the military says most of the dead from the air strikes are members of an islamic militant
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group from uzbekistan. the group is suspected of being linked to al qaeda. the insurgents have reportedly been conducting terrorist activities in pakistan along with the pakistani taliban. the united states recently resumed its drone attacks on militants for the first time in six months. the pakistani taliban issued a statement vowing revenge for sunday's strikes. the iraqi military is on the move. 's launching a full scale attack against al qaeda linked militants. the insurgents responded with an attack on a military facility. the islamic extrimists advanced south to the capital baghdad since capturing mosul last week. on sunday, military helicopters bombarded insurgent polgss in vehicles in at least five locations. these include areas in the western sy of fallujah and near tikrit. the area is located between mosul and baghdad.
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the military says its attacks have killed at least 200 people, including militants. meanwhile, the insurgents mounted mortar attacks on a military facility in diyala provin province in a city next to baghdad. at the time of the attack, civilian volunteers were gathering to join the military. the militants are also laying land mines around areas they captured. even though baghdad is under heavy security, a suicide bombing occurred in the city center on sunday. security authorities say the assault killed at least nine people and wounded ten others. a roadside bomb has killed 11 people in northern afghanistan. the attack appears to have been an attempt to disrupt the presidential runoff election. the explosives destroyed a vehicle carrying election workers and others in samangan province on saturday evening. the afghan election commission says among those who died were six of its members and two observers from the campaigns of
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the two presidential candidates. the commission says they had finished counting votes and were delivering ballot papers and other documents to a local commission office. the taliban admitted to nhk its responsibility for the bombing. the group had warned beforehand that it would disrupt the ballot. attacks across the country killed nearly 60 civilians and security officials on saturday alone. the taliban is suspected of involvement in the attacks. the commission says the runoff election was a success. it pledged to continue to ensure the safety of its officials during the ballot counting process. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he knows who is behind the kidnapping of three jewish teens in the occupied west bank. he says it's the palestinian islamist organization hamas. >> hamas terrorists carried out thursday's kidnapping of three israeli teenagers.
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>> netanyahu has also said israel will act against the kidnappers as well as its terrorist sponsors and comrades. a hamas spokesperson denies the group's involvement in the kidnapping. three religious school students disappeared outside a jewish settlement near the city of hebron on thursday. the israeli military is conducting a massive search for the boys. they set up checkpoints near where they went missing. the israeli military has detained about 80 people, including senior members of hamas. netanyahu is holding palestinian president mahmoud abbas responsible for the kidnapping. abbas launched a unity government with hamas earlier this month. analysts say that if hamas is involved in the kidnapping, it will make it more difficult for the stalled middle east peace talks to resume.
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sunday was a somber day on the pacific island of saipan. a memorial service was held for soldiers and civilians who died there in a world war ii battle. about 200 people attended sunday's ceremony, including surviving soldiers and the families of fallen servicemen. the day was june 15th and marked exactly 70 years since the clash between the now defunct japanese imperial army and u.s. forces that landed on saipan. the island is now administered by the united states. the month-long battle is said to have cost the lives of 55,000 japanese soldiers and civilians. some of them tried to avoid being captured by u.s. troops by jumping to their deaths from what's come to be known as banzai cliff. >> translator: i hope to visit saipan every year on june 15th as long as i'm alive. >> u.s. veteran robert burk said the united states and japan
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experienced hardships during the war but the two countries now have wonderful ties. >> the japanese people that are here, i love you. >> another memorial service will also take place in guam to pay tribute to those who died there during world war ii. now we bring you updates on world cup matches. four teams in group "e" have had or having their first match on sunday. switzerland faced off against ecuador. in the 22nd minute, ecuadorian forward valencia headed an opening goal from a left side free kick. meanwhile, in the 48th minute, just three minutes from the start of the second half, switzerland tied the match with the header from the corner. the teams looked as if they were about to produce the first draw of the tourney, but just before end of game, they scored a goal
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to give switzerland a 2-1 victory. switzerland now sits atop on the table listing of group "e" with three points. a taiwanese department store has reopened for business after nearly seven decades. many shoppers went to saturday's opening. the department store was built in 1932 by a japanese businessman in the southern city of tainan. the building was used as a police station after world war ii and has been vacant for about 30 years. the tainan municipal government spent $2.6 million on renovating the building. officials want to revitalize the area. a local company's operating the retro-style store under its former name. the interior of the building is decorated in the style of the japanese colonial period. an elevator has been restored to its original condition.
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>> translator: the style of the floors and stairs makes us feel as if we've gone back in time. the building has a special atmosphere. >> translator: i'm sure many people will be visiting here again. >> residents and business owners are hoping the store will become a tourist attraction. now let's check out the world weather.
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and that will do it for "newsline" at this hour. i'm hiro morita in tokyo. thanks for watching nhk world.
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